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Born into a debt-ridden family, Peter Cooper distrusted bankers and feared debt. During the 19th Century, many banks failed and debtors were frequently imprisoned. Yet Cooper prospered during panics (depressions) because he frequently had cash on hand.

“The dealers in money have always been the dangerous class. There may, at some future day, be a whirlwind precipitated upon the moneyed men of this country.”

Peter Cooper

Great Hall Speakers

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Even after he made several fortunes, Peter Cooper championed the cause of the workingman-farmers, mechanics and small business. And he was concerned about their ability tp get credit from banks.
In 1876 the Greenback Party - which advocated paper money - asked Peter Cooper to be their candidate for President. At the age of 85, he reluctantly accepted. Cartoonists had a field day.

Great Hall event & Abraham Lincoln Presidential Ad

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Sean Wilentz, Historian, Professor at Princeton University

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